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Hope No Longer Deferred

Hope No Longer Deferred

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A woman in her 40s, a hard working and loving wife and mother of two, has committed to fighting her terminal ovarian cancer long enough to see her daughter graduate, and celebrate her upcoming 25th wedding anniversary. We were contacted by the palliative care team at the Philadelphia cancer center treating this woman because the family was having difficulty buying groceries, and at risk of losing the one car they have, needed for the husband to work and the wife to get treatment. 

Legacy & Hope

Legacy of hope is now providing food for the family, and will continue to do so as long as necessary. Car payments will also be taken care of to ensure the wife makes it to the hospital for treatments, and the husband can get to work. You have enabled this family to focus on spending time with each other, and ensured they wouldn’t go without food or treatment because of the financial difficulties a cancer diagnosis often causes.

*To ensure the privacy of our patients, photos are fictitious.