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24 Hour Runner: Sophorn Choup Duggan

A member of the CoreFitness community since 2011, Sophorn has spent a considerable amount of time on the Art Museum steps. It might be why she didn’t shy away from the 24-hour challenge last year and why she is back for more in 2019!

“I want to show my support for CoreFitness and Legacy of Hope,” Sophorn says. “CoreFitness has been a part of my fitness life for so long and I believe in Legacy of Hope’s mission of providing support to local cancer patients and families in need. I want to do my part for this valuable cause.”

“I don’t know the exact number, but I think it was in the ballpark of 50 miles. Or maybe more?” Sophorn plans to have a strategy for keeping better track of her miles this year. Other than tracking her miles, Sophorn plans to go with the flow and do her best to keep moving.

In addition to having friends join her for different parts of the 24-hour climb, Sophorn is going to break up her experience with…more exercise? “I plan to incorporate strength exercises such as planks, push-ups, and sit-ups to keep myself moving,” Sophorn says. She is also planning to take breaks every hour, replenish her system with snacks and beverages, and change clothes “It’s surprising how a change of shirt will make you feel re-energized and refreshed!”

Even with her advanced planning, Sophorn knows she might struggle with motivation during the long event. “One of my favorite quotes is by Helen Keller, ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.’ I believe that being optimistic helps build mental toughness to do things you may feel are impossible or overwhelming.”

Sophorn’s first 24-hour journey was inspired by her childhood best friend, Kada Phe, who lost her fight to breast cancer and passed away in 2014 at 34 years old. “She had a way of making everyone she met feel like her best friend. She was free spirited, outgoing, and had a great sense of humor,” Sophorn says. “I am climbing in her memory again – to honor my beautiful friend and celebrate her life.” She believes that her friend would be proud of her for undertaking this challenge.

Much like Kada Phe, Legacy of Hope and CoreFitness are very proud of Sophorn! If you are interested in becoming Sophorn’s sponsor, please email mike@legacyofhope.life. To join Sophorn in the climb, register for PHL24.

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Legacy of Hope is based in Philadelphia, and exists to provide emergency support for those fighting cancer and expedite new cures through strategic funding. Our focus is providing emergency patient support to Philadelphia’s most financially distressed cancer patients through a network made possible by partnerships with major hospitals and local organizations. Often described as the Emergency Medicine of patient support, Legacy of Hope steps in when patients and families have exhausted all other resources, and no longer have the capacity to provide themselves with basic necessities. Legacy of Hope’s funding expedites new cures by leveraging the knowledge of Philadelphia’s most experienced researchers and clinicians to select and fund Philadelphia’s brightest cancer researchers.

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