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Stephanie Mcginley

Stephanie McGinley is a selfless athlete whose passion for running is matched only by her commitment to those less fortunate. As a Legacy of Hope sponsored athlete for the last two years, the lives her determination, compassion, and athleticism have touched are innumerable. If you get the opportunity to run with Stephanie you’ll appreciate both her wit and her encouragement, but don’t let her kind and humble demeanor fool you into thinking she isn’t fast and competitive. Recently dubbed the silent assassin by Swagga House Run Club co-founder Josh Perez, Stephanie is a talented runner with a huge heart who we are proud to have represent Legacy of Hope.

1. What is something about yourself that most people would not know?

  1. Once I tie my sneakers, I never untie them. They become slip-on sneakers indefinitely.

  2. I ran cross country my senior year of high school, so they had enough people for a team. I came in dead last every race, which is funny now that I run so much.

  3. I worked at Sesame Place in high school. It was great character building.

  4. I love tortilla chips and would eat chips and dip for every meal if it was acceptable.

2. What do you do for a living?

I'm a program manager for Comcast Business' Customer and Digital Experience team. I collaborate with various groups to manage projects focusing on improving the customer experience and educational process across our website. It can be anything from merchandising what products a customer can buy to supporting marketing campaigns or the development of new product education pages.

It is very fast-paced, and the work and projects are constantly changing, which makes it fun. I also work with a fantastic group of people who support each other and have fun doing what we do. I'm grateful that I get to do what I love every day and have been able to make a career in the digital space.

3. Tell us about your family?