Quincy Harris - “You Get More By Giving”

Legacy of Hope is proud to announce that Quincy Harris will be their newest board member. But the relationship between Quincy and Legacy of Hope does not start here. It goes back to March 30th, 2019 when Quincy Harris received a phone call from a friend of his, Christian Crosby.  Christian is the on court personality for the Philadelphia 76ers as well as the CEO of Live Life Nice.  But that was not what he called to discuss.  Christian was running a half marathon called The Philly Love Run the next day to raise money for Legacy of Hope.  After explaining what the money would be used for Quincy felt moved to accept.  See, it was almost 2 years to the date that Quincy tragically lost his mother to cancer.  So on less than 1 days notice Quincy Harris ran the Philly Love Run Half Marathon to honor his late mother.

While he has proclaimed himself to not be the greatest athlete, he was able to finish the half marathon faster than both his friend Christian and Legacy of Hope President Mike Rowe.  This sparked a great friendship between Quincy and Mike.  Mike has appeared on Quincy’s television show The Q on Fox 29 multiple times since that race to talk about Legacy of Hope,  including earlier in January just before this year’s Love Run when Mike promised to beat Quincy this time.  The two shared a back and forth on who would win but also some meaningful conversation about what Legacy of Hope does. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we did not get to see the rematch but Quincy did laughingly say,

“Mike has another year to train to lose.  We are doing it for a good cause but he’ll never beat me.”  

But their friendship is not all competitive.  Quincy has become a great advocate for Legacy of Hope.  He even shared some great admiration for Mike, saying that it is Mike’s passion and what he does for patients that made him want to get more involved.  He also mentioned that the work Legacy of Hope has done is tremendous. During the COVID-19 pandemic Legacy of Hope has been able to provide groceries for countless cancer patients and their families. Quincy also noted two moments that were particularly memorable for him. The first was the time when he joined Mike at Jefferson Hospital. They were there to surprise a cancer patient during her treatment and inform her that her hospital bills were being covered by Legacy of Hope. The second was interviewing cancer survivor Will Peoples on his show. But at his core he truly loves the opportunity to honor his mother's memory by supporting people with the same disease that took her life.

Quincy speaks very highly of his friend Mike, but the admiration goes both ways.

"Quincy’s passion for life is contagious. He’s the type of person, the kind of friend, whose leadership lifts everyone up around him"

It is easy to see why Quincy was the perfect candidate to be Legacy of Hope's newest board member. But talk is cheap. Quincy is putting his money, or more accurately his body, where his mouth is. He will be climbing the Rocky steps for 24 hours straight from September 19th at 9 a.m. to September 20th at 9 a.m. The climb is part of a fundraiser named PHL24. They will attempt to raise $50,000 for Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Network, a network providing emergency support for Philadelphia cancer patients and their families from every major hospital in Philadelphia. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, this year's PHL24 will be closed to the public. If you would like to support Quincy's campaign even though you cannot be there cheering him on in person, you can donate here.

And be sure to check out the following accounts for updates and news leading up to the event:

Instagram - @legacyofhope_phl

Twitter - @LegacyOfHopePHL

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