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Quincy All Access

Quincy savors the flavor of finishing another Love Run Half Marathon. Photo: Bryan Karl Lathrop

Quincy Harris is back and ready to run another 13.1 miles in the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon to honor his mother’s memory. Not a lot has changed for Q since last year’s Love Run. He still has that always full plate of obligations, which have him juggling multiple projects between Philly and LA. He’s so busy, in fact, that he doesn’t really have time to fan the flame of his ongoing “rivalry” with Legacy of Hope founder, Mike Rowe; so it has simmered down considerably since the two basically crossed the finish line holding hands in 2022. But it’s still a great excuse for them to share good-natured trash talking. For more

Friendliest choke-out ever. Q gets the best of Mike Rowe. Photo: Bryan Karl Lathrop

information about Quincy’s grudge match, how he joined the Legacy of Hope family, and became a half marathoner, check out Q-Deezy’s Grudge Match.

When asked what has kept him busy since the 2022 Love run, Q replies “Writing, producing, and hosting, as if my plate wasn’t full enough. In addition to my own projects, I have a separate production company that creates content for other clients.” Quincy still sits on Legacy of Hope’s Board, and guides their mentorship program. 2022 saw Q continue with the FAQ Podcast, collaborate with Eric Thomas aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher on The 3am Club; produce several episodes of Black in Golf, and start his latest and perhaps biggest venture—Quincy All Access, an interview show, currently airing online, but which is likely to find a home on a Philly network in the near future. If you’re a Q fan, be on the lookout.

Q looking fresh as a daisy a few miles into the 2022 Love Run. Photo: Bryan Karl Lathrop

If these projects don’t keep Q’s plate full enough, he is also raising his three sons, ages 11, 9 and 3; so balancing his high volume media work with his family life is a tall order. But he’s getting it done. And believe it or not, adding yet another thing to his to do list actually helps, as long as that thing is running. Q shares that he gets up early in the morning so he can run. “Running has become a source of therapy, because I get to think. At this point it’s not even about the physical aspect (which is still great, mind you); I need to run because it helps me mentally. I come up with some of my craziest ideas when I’m running. And if I’m not running? It shows, my wife can tell. She’s like ‘When was the last time you ran?!? You need to go for a run!’ It’s that noticeable.”

Support Quincy in the Love Run at Quincy’s fundraiser page. If you’re game to push yourself, in either the 7.6k or Half Marathon register at Philly Runs Free; and run for free if you raise $250 for Legacy of Hope.

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