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Philadelphia researcher paves road to treat (and possibly cure) prostate cancer

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Dave Dovell


In 2018, Legacy of Hope’s Scientific Review Board, led by Jefferson’s Director of Solid Tumor Oncology Dr. Kevin Kelly, reviewed countless research projects in search of the most promising and most deserving of our financial support. After employing a stringent and strictly meritorious selection process, the board chose Dr. Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and her auspicious exploration of proteins which may cause genetic alterations of cells leading to prostate cancer. Legacy of Hope immediately began to champion Dr. Bravo’s research which, in 2020, has proven itself worthy of funding from the National Institute of Health due to the high likelihood of yielding positive results.

I sat down with Dr. Bravo on 1/31/2020 to find out more about this groundbreaking cancer research, as well as to learn about the challenges faced by scientists in securing the funding necessary to keep their projects alive.

Dr. Bravo states her work focuses on the mechanism of aggressive prostate cancer. “I have a small group of people, and we’re growing over time, to try and address fundamental aspects of this disease...and try to find new cures.” She cheerfully described the unique and uncommon relationship between researchers and clinicians at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.