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Building a Culture of Philanthropy

Long time residents of Fairmount Nick and Jen Wendowski wouldn’t really stand out on the streets of the neighborhood. Two young professionals with children are a dime a dozen in the ever-changing area.

When you peek beneath the surface, you find out that the Wendowskis are change agents in the city of Philadelphia.

Their business sense is probably the first thing you’d take note of.

When they walked into a dilapidated building in 2015, stepping on the moss-covered floor, most people would say “No, thanks.” Instead, Jen saw what could be. Five years later and Yoga Habit is a bustling, beautiful yoga studio that has become a staple of the community.

In 2019, Stone’s Beer & Beverage Market, a neighborhood business since 1955, was for sale. Nick and Jen jumped on the opportunity to make another mark in the neighborhood and purchased the business.