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A young senior citizen

Maree Lavo is a self-described “young senior citizen”. After 30+ years as an executive in the beauty industry, Maree is now retired and has time for the things she is truly passionate about; staying active, pursuing a creative path, and connecting with people. “My mission is to share the beauty in our world, whether it’s highlighting the wonders of mother nature, creating in my studio or bringing people together. I realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I lead therefore my mission is to give back and be of service”.

Maree was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Now cancer free, she feels extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by devoted friends, family, and dedicated doctors while she was receiving treatment. Maree admits, “I was afraid, but I was never alone”.

This fitness enthusiast relies on physical activity to maintain her health and vibrancy. Whether walking her daily 10k steps between Fairmount Park and Center City or working out with intensity at the Art Museum steps, Maree doesn’t miss her daily dose of exercise. “It’s my first activity of the day and is the basis for my physical, mental, and emotional positivity. She signed up for the Love Run and Philly Runs Free inorder to be a part of the community of helpers and fundraisers.

“I’m excited to be participating in the Love Run because I want to support and offer hope where it’s critically needed”.

“Legacy of Hope speaks so clearly to me because it’s right here in my backyard and I can see exactly what happens with the donations. I was able to deliver groceries to cancer patients in need…I saw the power of community in action! Anyone who is interested in volunteering should do a grocery delivery to see how meaningful it is to bring fresh, healthy food to the doorstep of a cancer patient, to see the look on their face, the expression of gratitude and the hope that you give them firsthand. That experience will carry me forever. That’s why I’m doing the Love Run”.

Maree quickly reached her initial Philly Runs Free fundraising goal, but she wants to do more. “I really do believe what Mike (Rowe) said, that together we can eliminate hunger for cancer patients in Philadelphia. I want to do everything I can to make this a reality”. When asked what she would say to other ‘young senior citizens’ who are thinking of participating in the Love Run, Maree offers, “Just do it! You’re going to be buoyed by everyone else on the same path. We’ll all be in it together”.

Please support Maree and Legacy of Hope at Maree's fundraising page.

Visit and sign up to walk or run the Love Run on March 27th with Maree and others who are passionate about being part of a community that truly makes a difference for cancer patients in Philadelphia - raise $250 and your registration is free.

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