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24 Hour Runner: Rodney Russen

Beer Runners tend to roll deep. It’s not unusual to have 90 people show up on a regular Thursday to run with Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR), the original chapter of the now worldwide movement. The Beer Runners will even be fielding a 24-hour relay team for PHL24 2019.

One Beer Runner, Rodney Russen, has gone above and beyond: he’ll be tackling the full 24-hour challenge himself.

“FBR’s founder, David April, is a hero of mine,” says Rodney. “We talked about it and I said I’d be honored to represent the Beer Runners in the 24-hour runner category.”

The admiration certainly is not one sided.

"Rodney is a tenacious runner who runs with purpose and humility. Given all his accomplishments, his many Boston Marathons, ultras, and endurance runs, helping others is what truly drives him," says David April. "I've long admired Rodney for his commitment to running for good causes and am especially grateful and touched he chose to represent Beer Runners and to draw attention to cancer research and patient support through Legacy of Hope."

Rodney is an experienced endurance athlete, having competed in events ranging from your standard marathon distance to ultras, hundred-mile races, and a few 24-hour events. He’ll rely on his usual mantra to carry him through: “Run the mile you’re in.”

“My strategy is to be consistent, almost robotic. I’ll go on autopilot for most of the race,” Rodney says. “I’ll get out of my head now and then to have some fun, but then it’s back to work.”

When asked why he’s climbing, he said he’s doing it for too many people to count. “This event in particular, I’ll be doing it for David and my friend Nora, two strong people who are still fighting.”

Rodney will rely on his competitive side for motivation, but he knows that it will come and go throughout the night. When his self-motivation might not be enough, he’ll focus on why Legacy of Hope is hosting this event and the people that will benefit from the money raised.

“What’s another flight of stairs compared to another round of chemo?”

To support Rodney’s 24-hour climb, visit his fundraising page! You can also join the Beer Runners Ultra team. For more information about the event, visit

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