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24 Hour Runner: Erin McKenna Dilks

Previous 24 -hour runners Cindy and Sophorn both hoped that their actions at the inaugural PHL24 would inspire others to participate. They don’t have to look any further than Erin McKenna Dilks.

“I participated last year with my family,” Erin said. “This year will be a bit more challenging!”

Erin is familiar with the famous Rocky stairs as a long-time Philadelphia resident and past participant of the CoreFitness boot camps.

While Erin climbed for 30 minutes with her family last year, she plans on tackling the entire 24-hours this year. She knows that this year’s effort will take a bit more effort, but she has no shortage of motivation.

“[I will remember] the people who are dealing with things that are a lot worse than what I’m doing at that moment!” Erin said. She will also be holding her friend, Angela, close to her heart. “She was the kindest, most giving person that anyone could have the pleasure of knowing.”

Erin also hopes that there will be some comedic relief. “That’s what gets me through life for the most part!”

Her plan is to take a “slow and steady” approach to the climb. “It’s not a race. It’s just a fun event with a great cause attached to it,” Erin said. “Run the steps, walk the steps, just come by and lend support to those who are running. There’s no pressure at all!”