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24 Hour Runner: Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown is no stranger to the Art Museum steps. As co-owner of CoreFitness, she’s taught countless boot camp classes over the last 15-plus years on those stairs, motivating people to push themselves a little harder than they thought possible. She hopes to share that motivation with PHL24 participants as she tackles the 24-hour challenge for the second year in a row!

“It’s important for me to participate in PHL24. I want to represent CoreFitness's commitment to Philadelphia,” Brown says. She feels lucky to share the experience with other participants and enjoy the good energy of Legacy of Hope. “I’m climbing in honor of my dad, but I’m also climbing for anyone who can’t.”

She also hopes to inspire anyone who might want to participate next year. “There’s no reason to be nervous. Just try and keep moving…it’s harder to re-start!” She also recommends bringing a change of clothes and another pair of sneakers. “Keep a slow and steady pace and relax. The late night hours are the best for people watching.”

When her motivation starts to wane, she takes a second to remind herself that there’s always someone out there going through something worse. “This struggle is temporary,” Brown says, “The impact of the mission of Legacy of Hope is what will continue.”

“I love these stairs. They represent never quitting when something seems impossible. If you just keep climbing, one foot in front of the other, you’ll find the strength to overcome that underdog fear and make it to the top of any challenge,” says Brown, “And you get to watch the sunrise from the best spot in Philadelphia.”

Cindy Brown’s 24-hour commitment is sponsored by CoreFitness, the official training partner of PHL24.