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“We must strive not for what has already been accomplished or that which seems easily attainable, rather we must imagine the world when our loved ones never again hear the words “you have cancer”, and then reach for this with unwavering resolve.” 

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10:00                                                                                                                      Wellbeing - supported by Digital Solutions –                                                           a strong foundation for our Culture Transformation,                                                 Urs Karkoschka, Head of Perf. Innovation, Novartis

  • Novartis' purpose is to improve and extend patients live.
  • As part of our cultural transformation we wanted to give all our 126k associates tools & strategies to improve their quality of life – at work and at home.
  • A Digital platform was developed that we are in the process of rolling out: Cultural transf.; Sustainable High Performance; Energized for Life
Q&A with Urs

11:00 CET                                                                                                               Coffee & Networking


11:20                                                                                                                      Leadership and the Future of Work,                                                              Massimo Magni, Associate Professor of                                                              Org. Behavior and HR,                                                                                        SDA Bocconi School of Management

Q&A with Massimo

13:00 CET                                                                                                              Lunch & Networking


15:50 CET                                                                                                              Coffee & Networking


12:00                                                                                                                Panel: Why Humility is key to Leadership Agility,                                                      Neelie Verlinden, Digital HR Expert &                                                              Dennis Valkema, GM Benelux, Talentsoft

  • Our leadership needs to change...we’re facing unprecedented business challenges and as a leader or manager you need to be prepared to say “I don’t know”. More than occasionally admitting you don’t know everything, it boils down to a need for humility.

  • Why? Because humility is, at its core, the catalyst needed to drive truly agile leadership.

  • In this presentation Dennis and Neelie will discuss these topics using the 5 key drivers of agile leadership as a framework, diving into humility's role in helping us embrace life-long learning unlearning, and relearning.

Q&A with Neelie & Dennis

12:30                                                                                                            Workforce Transformation: A leading role for HR in                                        solving key business challenges, by applying Integrated (Total) workforce management,                                                          Maarten Hansson, Head of Workforce Strategy, Philips

  • From People strategy to Workforce strategy

  • Right shoring & sourcing: leveraging internal and external capabilities combined with location strategy

  • How to: identify, organize and execute

Q&A with Maarten

14:20                                                                                                          Accelerating Organizational Success with                                                             the Global Culture Report,                                                                          Meghan Stettler, Director, O.C. Tanner Institute

As the cascading crises of this past year continue to take a toll on organizations across the globe, workplaces with thriving cultures are weathering the storm far better than most.

Join Meghan as she shares key findings and relevant insights to help accelerate meaningful change and meet the demands of tomorrow:

  • How employees all over the world feel about the current state of workplace culture

  • Why a modern approach to leadership benefits both culture and business outcomes

  • How recognition done well shapes inclusive cultures one memorable moment at a time

Q&A with Megan

13:50                                                                                                                 Co-creating great Employee Experience with Agile HR,                                    Natal Dank, Author of ‘Agile HR’

  • In a disruptive and pandemic world, it's all eyes on HR, as we help organisations rapidly respond.

  • Not only do we need to keep our people safe and focus on wellbeing, HR now play a critical role in helping business navigate complexity and adapt at speed to changing customer and market needs. Agile mindset and ways of working are now crucial capabilities for all HR professionals.

  • We also need to play a role in guiding wider business agility and modernise our people practices for the future of work. Agile HR is an exciting new topic, but it can be intimidating at first and hard to contextualise.

  • Natal will help you understand what Agile means for HR and how we can apply the mindset and tools to co-create great employee experience.

Q&A with Natal

10:30                                                                                                                Driving Organizational Agility and Performance with                                              flexible and integrated Talent Management ,                                                    Andreea Craciun, Customer Success Mgr. UKI, CoachHub &                              Yuliana Balashkevych,                                                                                        Global L&D Director, JTI (Japan Tobacco Intl.)

  • Agility means putting people at the centre of everything.

  • In this conversation, Andreea and Yuliana discuss how JTI is responding to an increasing volatile world and how they are leveraging flexible and integrated talent management processes to drive increased people and organizational performance.

Q&A with Andreea & Yuliana

16:10                                                                                                            Scaling a Coaching Culture for the Remote Workplace,                                          Ozlem Sarioglu, Managing Partner, SparkUs

  • What does research tell about the effect of culture at the remote workplace?
  • How does a strong coaching culture fit into this picture?
  • What are the challenges of establishing and scaling a coaching culture to the whole organization?
  • How can technology help us in this context?

15:20                                                                                                          Improving Employee Experience in ING:                                                           Lean startup, Agile scrum and Design thinking, all in one,                            Sander de Bruijn,                                                                                               Global Head of Employee Experience, ING

  • ING believes that engaged people create a foundation for a high performing organisation and a better customer experience.

  • In order to improve the engagement of our people, we need to make sure that everything they see, hear, think and feel when interacting with the organisation is personal, smart and easy.

  • Sander will share his journey of building a global Employee Experience strategy for ING, scaling up ING’s innovation methodology PACE to ensure an agile, human centric and data driven way of working.

Q&A with Sander

16:40-17:10                                                                                                      HR's role in Reinventing the Future,                                                                   Troels Wendelbo, Sr. HR Director, People Partner for CFO,                            LEGO Group

  • Learnings / Reflections on HR's role:
  • Be ultra-sharp on deep Purpose
  • Keep (at least) one foot in the Oxytocin part of the arena
  • Avoid the “Maginot-line trap”
  • Be the organisational “there is a new day” optimists
  • Focus on what we need to STOP doing
Q&A with Troels

14:50                                                                                                       Workshop: Optimising Performance Management in a                                 culture first way,                                                                                           Charlotte Mosley, Sr. People Scientist, Culture Amp

  • In this workshop, we want to focus on how you can optimise Performance Management in the current climate - as well as sharing best practice around the shifts we are seeing in Performance Management processes.

16.25 Virtual Reality to train your workforce, Director, One Bonsai

  • VR for training just works

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to scale

  • When to use VR?

  • Performance tracking

  • The future of training

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Omega Optical's Impact

Omega Optical's partnership with Legacy of Hope has been incredible from the start and has helped to put food on the tables of dozens of cancer patients and their families.

About Omega Optical

Since 2000, Omega optical has been a leader and preferred provider of quality vision care and products and personalized optometric services to our patients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. 3212 W. Cheltenham Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19150 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-234-3890 www.omegaoptical.net

G2Philly's Impact

G2Philly's partnership with Legacy of Hope has been incredible from the start and has helped to put food on the tables of dozens of cancer patients and their families.

About G2Philly

G2Philly is a diverse group of real estate experts and problem solvers who treat clients like family and take great pride in providing a fun, inclusive, and personalized real estate experience. 2451 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130 (215) 763-2100 www.g2philly.com

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10:00                                                                                                                      Talent Marketing at Deutsche Telekom during Corona,                                            Marcel Winkelmann, HR Marketing Lead,                                                  Deutsche Telekom

  • DT´s recruitment marketing portfolio before the crisis

  • Our adapted marketing measures with insights what has worked and what not

  • Outlook: What we will focus on in our portfolio

Q&A with Marcel

11:20-12:20                                                                                                       Panel session with                                                                                           Elena Kharlamova, TA Director EMEA, CSL Behring &                                         Rohit Joshi, Group Head of TA, Coca-Cola HBC &                                       Marcel Winkelmann, HR Marketing Lead, DT &                                               Colin Minto, VP TA & Employer Brand EMEA, Marriott Intl.

  • How can you tell your EVP is paying off?
  • How is employer branding working now in today's economy – does it actually make a difference?
  • What is machine learning and AI? and what are their possibilities for recruitment purposes?
  • How does HR innovation enable firms to recruit better?

15:00                                                                                                            Recruiters are from Venus,                                                                                Hiring Managers are from Mars,                                                                      Johnny Campbell, CEO, SocialTalent

  • In the 2012 Olympic games, Usain Bolt shattered the 100m world record with a time of 9.63s but in the same games, the Jamaican relay team completed the 4 x 100 race in a time that was 1.7s faster than if Bolt had of run each relay by himself. How? The power of alignment and teamwork.
  • Hiring is a team sport yet Recruiters and Hiring Managers are rarely aligned. Johnny will uncover exactly where this misalignment occurs but more importantly, the simple ways you can get everyone working together as a team to smash your hiring goals.
Q&A with Johnny

12:20                                                                                                                  How we changed our way to recruit in order to                                                   attract and hire more Diverse Candidates,                                                      Steffen Laick, HR Director &                                                                            Farrah Ekeroth, Employer Branding Leader, EY

  • Learn how EY has embarked on a multi-faceted journey to challenge misconceptions about the financial services sector and diversify their talent pool across eighteen countries including the launch of their most recent employer brand campaign, 'Bring yourself, not just your subject'.
Q&A with Farrah & Steffen​

12:50 CET                                                                                                           Lunch & Networking



14:10                                                                                                            Bringing Local meaning to Global EVP:                                                                  a data-driven approach,                                                                                      Elena Kharlamova, TA Director EMEA, CSL Behring

  • Designing a framework for trusted partnership
  • Choosing data sets to be translated into employer branding messages
  • Giving a voice to employer brand ambassadors on platforms that matter
Q&A with Elena

14:40                                                                                                                Coffee & Networking


15:30 Creating Diverse & Sustainable Talent Pools in a High Growth market, Theresa O’Brien, Global Talent & Resourcing Leader, CBRE

  • The Data Centre sector is a rapidly growing highly technical sector characterised by ageing workforces, lack of gender balance & lack of broader diversity
  • As a business we have sought over the last few years to introduce measures to not only combat our diversity challenges but to create broader more sustainable talent pools
Q&A with Theresa

10:30                                                                                                               Talent Acquisition and Onboarding in the New World.                                    Employee Experience at the core,                                                                           Carmen Cerdan, VP Global Head of HR, Ria Financial &                                      Yazad Dalal, EMEA HCM Strategy Sr. Director, Oracle

  • How to leverage technology to align Talent skills with Business needs, and what the future of Recruiting and Onboarding looks like?
Q&A Carmen & Yazad

11:00 CET                                                                                                           Coffee & Networking





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Legacy of Hope is based in Philadelphia, and exists to provide emergency support for those fighting cancer and expedite new cures through strategic funding. Our focus is providing emergency patient support to Philadelphia’s most financially distressed cancer patients through a network made possible by partnerships with major hospitals and local organizations. Often described as the Emergency Medicine of patient support, Legacy of Hope steps in when patients and families have exhausted all other resources, and no longer have the capacity to provide themselves with basic necessities. Legacy of Hope’s funding expedites new cures by leveraging the knowledge of Philadelphia’s most experienced researchers and clinicians to select and fund Philadelphia’s brightest cancer researchers.

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