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Deliveries by Police

“The Philadelphia Police Department is proud to be working with Legacy of Hope, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and ShopRite to make sure people who are among the most vulnerable, like those combating cancer, are not forgotten and can still get the nutrition they need. 

    -Danielle Outlaw Police Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department

“ The work of Legacy of Hope and their Emergency Patient Support Network is a shining example of community partnerships that will have an immediate, measurable impact for our patients and their families. ”

    -Dr. Brooke Worser Medical Director, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

"Given the uncertain times we are facing and the increased risk for those who are battling cancer, we are inspired and proud to be a part of the Legacy of Hope efforts in partnership with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center- Jefferson Health and the Philadelphia Police Department. The ShopRite stores we operate are honored to help provide this life saving support to those in our community."

    -Jeffrey Brown President & CEO, Brown’s Super Stores

new era in Cancer patient Support

The quickest support in the nation

Philadelphia police officers are working with Legacy of Hope to deliver healthy groceries every week via squad car to the homes of Philadelphia cancer patients whose families face hunger because of a cancer diagnosis. Without their support Legacy of Hope would not have the capacity to deliver healthy groceries to so many families every week. 


Key partners

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Police Spotlight


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March 28, 2020
Philadelphia Inquirer
by Vinny Vella
April 22, 2020
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