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Dr. Rodriguez-Bravo

Bravo1Dr. Rodriguez-Bravo receives merit award from Legacy of Hope for her groundbreaking research studying the resistance of cancer cells to present therapies. In a report published in Cell Volume 174, Issue 5 on August 9th, 2018, Dr. Rodriguez-Bravo of Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center reveals her team’s findings regarding prostate cancer cells, pinpointing a cellular component that can be targeted by medication to slow or stop the growth of tumors and the spreading of the disease. Dr. Rodriguez-Bravo is an exemplary researcher who represents a massive effort across the medical community who face a daily struggle to receive appropriate funding for research that could guide us to treatments or a cure. Your help and support of Legacy of Hope gives our scientific review board of researchers, oncologists, and other specialists the opportunity to fund the most promising research efforts to make these treatments and cures a reality.