Uniting Our City to Find a Cure for Every Cancer & Support those in philadelphia fighting cancer

We've gathered the most talented researchers in Philadelphia to work together on a landmark multi-hospital collaborative cancer research project. This landmark cancer research will be funded almost entirely by the public, and we need your support today!


Our Mission is Hope

Legacy of Hope exists because no promising cancer research should go unfunded, and fighting cancer should not cost a family their home or cause a family to go hungry. Legacy of Hope is creating a united front to find a cure for every cancer, and to fight alongside those who have cancer.

Legacy of Hope is working with leading cancer researchers from hospitals across Philadelphia to expedite a cure for every cancer.

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You Can Help Through Your Everyday Purchases

Sign up for a Legacy of Hope Visa Card linked right to your checking account and receive discounts at certain businesses in the Philadelphia area. A small amount will be directly donated each month to support the most promising cancer research as well as local cancer patients.

Expedite Promising Cancer Research

There are many ways you can help our cancer patients get the treatment they need and help our researchers raise the funding necessary to find a cure for every cancer.


Robust Partnerships


Local Cancer Patients


Donation & Service Opportunities


Your Legacy


Patient, Researcher, & Advocate Stories

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Promising Research

Create a Legacy of Hope

Maximizing the impact of every dollar raised. Finding a cure for every cancer.